Ten Travel Inspired Home Decoration Ideas That Suits Your Adventurous Self

As new Home Decoration, we’ve been obsessed with finding distinctive ways to decorate with a travel theme in mind. Regardless if you’re a seasoned traveler or a dreamer with a bucket list of destinations still yet to be explored, what better way to express your love for adventure than through your very own home. We’ve gathered some of the finest travel-inspired home decor ideas


  1. Vintage Suitcase Trunks

The solution to your storage problem: vintage suitcases. Not only do they add a little charm to any room, but those extra blankets or bulky winter sweaters that take up too much closet space can now be cleverly hidden!


  1. Vintage Suitcase Shelves

If you like the idea of suitcases as furnishings but don’t have the floor space, these vintage suitcase shelves are the perfect addition to a rustic-chic decor. We love these because they create room for additional souvenirs we’ve picked up on our travels plus they’re extremely distinctive.


  1. Travel-Themed Artwork

Photos and artwork don’t all need to be contained in frames! Travel photography — from beaches to mountains to desert landscapes — can instantly set the tone for a room’s theme. Wall art, throw pillows, shower curtains, and even duvet covers of our travel pictures are available on our photography page.


  1. Postcard Display

Photo-hanging kits like these can showcase those postcards you’ve picked up in various cities around the globe. Postcards are one 0f the simplest keepsakes to bring back from your trips since they’re light-weight and fit in your carry-on. So stop cramming your luggage full of fragile souvenirs and start a postcard collection you can put on display instead.


  1. Vintage Postcards

Short a few postcards, or still waiting to build your collection? Vintage black-and-white postcards add a timeless touch to any home, and may easily be framed or hung utilizing the postcard display mentioned above.


  1. Globe Collection

Globes are a classic representation of travel, and maybe the simplest way to decorate your space to show your love of adventure. Model globes are perfect as nightstand or desk toppers, or upgrade to this dual-purpose globe bar — functionality AND design!


  1. Vintage Map Canvas

If you wish to get a bit more original with your decor. Opt for a set of map canvases as opposed to the standard world map pinned to a cork board.


  1. Ticket Stub Shadow Box

A travel-themed shadow box to drop tickets from things you’ve done and places. You’ve been is a superb place to keep and display mementos from your trips.


  1. World Cities Time Zone Clock

While you may always buy a fully inclusive timezone clock. I also love the idea of a more personalized set of individual clocks labeled with city names from around the globe. Print and frame labels from London to Tokyo to NYC. Or custom order vinyl decals that go directly on the wall.


  1. Polaroid Photos From Your Travels

Polaroids are back in style! The best part? Now you don’t have sacrifice quality images for this retro look.

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